Here’s the likelihood of getting a $1,200 stimulus check in the next 26 days

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Stimulus negotiations are apparently back in action.

With Election Day on Nov. 3 quickly approaching, President Donald Trump shut down talks this week and called for Congress to pass a stand-alone bill to give Americans a second stimulus check. 

Both parties have proposed trillions of dollars in stimulus aid but remain divided over how much money is needed to keep the country afloat. Democrats plan to provide $2.2 trillion in relief, while the White House wants the number to be closer to $1.6 trillion. 

The details of how that money would be distributed are hotly debated, yet both sides agree on another round of checks, according to Garrett Watson, a senior policy analyst at the Tax Foundation. 

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“There is broad agreement about the potential for standalone payments,” said Watson. Both parties are in favor of direct payments modeled closely after the first checks that were issued under the CARES Act that passed in March, according to Watson. 

Check out this video to learn how likely Congress is to pass a stimulus bill before the election and to see what could happen if the Nov. 3 election occurs before new checks are approved. 

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